Among the highlights from Jon Brion’s New Year’s Eve show was an impromptu impression of Bruce Springsteen–in the form of a fake Bruce Springsteen song.

Jon Brion as Bruce Springsteen

A recording has surfaced. You can download it here or stream it below.

An audibly-apt Brion fan over at Fairfax Ave has done his best to transcribe the lyrics. If you can make out any parts that he couldn’t, post a comment and I’ll update them accordingly.

Well I came from the burbs of Jersey one day when it was [turnin?]
I moved down to ?
I met a pretty good lover under the boardwalk and we made love
I thought that was all this world was made of
We thought if we could have ? highway ?
And I swear that Jenny, I couldn’t have a worry anymore
It was knowing you’re the one with the fire in your heart

I knew it from the start
So come on, come on, come on
Baby wanna drink it up
I came all the way from Jersey
You’re the only girl that I’m dreaming of
Nothing that you ever do could drive me away
That’s all I got,
That’s all I’m gonna say

[Sensitive piano breakdown, really high]

Now I know what you wanted, you want ? prom
And I’m gonna take that jacket, everything that I’m about
You know it’s fat happy Pete
He went down to the convenience store
He’s only living for a six pack, he don’t live for nothing more
Well get in to my car it’s a Dodge and it’s got heat
We’ll make love in the front and in the back seat
And there ain’t noone in this world who’s ever gonna hold us back
? [architect?]

I come from Jersey,
I come from Jersey,
I come form Jersey,
I come from Jersey,
And let me tell you,
Let me tell you without a doubt
There’s not that much to sing about